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Listed on this page are the websites that I used in sourcing some of the facts, figures and other bits of information used in some of the articles on my blog. This page will be updated as it becomes necessary to do so. is probably THE definitive online source for any and all things related to Jack the Ripper, and was my main source for my article on the subject.

Encyclopedia Titanica
Encyclopedia Titanica, along with, are two of the web’s most comprehensive sources on everything related to the R.M.S. Titanic. They include lifeboat loading-sequences, passenger-lists, crew-lists, photographs and detailed accounts of what happened on the night of the sinking.

The Crime Library
The Crime Library is an excellent online source for anything and everything related to famous killers, and was the main source for nearly every killer mentioned in articles on this blog, including Jack the Ripper, Ed Gein and Albert Fish.

New Jersey’s History Mysteries
My main source for information regarding the fire onboard the ill-fated S.S. Morro Castle, mentioned in an article on the ‘Ships’ part of my blog.
This place is porn for writing boxes and is one of the best resources detailing the history as well as the various styles of fine, antique writing boxes.

Spanish Influenza
A page dedicated to the effects and history of the 1918 Spanish Influenza outbreak.

‘History Detectives’ article on body-snatching

“Seven Wonders of the Industrial World”, an excellent documentary series detailing the construction of major engineering feats, mostly of the 19th century. Narrated by Robert Lindsay. Most of the information for my Brookyln Bridge, the Bell Rock Lighthouse and London Sewers articles came from this series.

‘A biography of Alexander II and the attempted dynamite assassination’

‘Tales of Destruction’

An article detailing attempts to transport the dangerous explosive known as Nitroglycerine.

‘The History of Dynamite’

‘A History of Bath’

‘History of Pepsi’

TV series: ‘The Machines that Made Us’ – Episode – ‘Gutenberg and the Printing Press’.

The Wilhelm Gustloff

Documentary film: “Shanghai Ghetto” (2002). – One of the best online resources for everything pirate-related

Motion Picture Production-Code (Hays Code); 1930

Documentary series – “AMERICA – The Story of (the) U.S.”

Documentary series – “Modern Marvels”, ‘Machines of D-Day’

Documentary series – “Royal Deaths & Diseases”, ‘Madness’, ‘Tainted Blood’.

“The King’s Doctor”

The Imperial War Museum – Outbreak of WWII Exhibit

“The Real Oskar Schindler”

The Jewish Virtual Library – Information on Oskar Schindler and the Schindlerjuden

The Victorian Dictionary
An excellent resource for anything to do with life in London during Victorian times.

The Berlin Wall Online
A concise and fascinating site with information about the history of the Berlin Wall.

A concise and detailed look at Victorian mourning customs.

The Art of Mourning

Capital Punishment UK

Newsreel: “Return to Singapore”

Allied & Axis Strengths – Malayan Campaign

Australia’s War – The Fall of Singapore

World War Two Database – The Fall of Singapore

German Hyperinflation Crisis

“Fall of the Weimar Republic”

“Facts about Germany”

The Leica Freedom Train

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Darwin and the Origin of Species A Biography of Darwin Darwin and the Beagle

More sources to be included soon.


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  1. Derek Cosgrove says:

    Please can you tell me which magazine had the picture of the solid fuel cooking stove. I have just re-furbished one almost identical and would like to know about age/ manufacturer etc. Thankyou

    • scheong says:

      I think I got that one from Wikipedia. I’d say it’d be from an old book or magazine from the turn of the century. But I couldn’t be more precise than that.

  2. Kim Daly says:

    Any ideas for window cleaning instruction or recipes or furniture polish recipes from 1901 ish.? Kim

  3. Len says:

    Great article about the whistle, check out my website

  4. Gary Groves says:

    Can I use the photo you have of the Iceman delivering ice? I’ve filmed an interview with my father-in-law and he talks about having Ice delievered. I’d like to throw up an the image to show the kids what he’s talking about. It’s strictly personal, and not to be sold. Thanks.


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