Hi there! If you’re reading this, then by some horrible twist of fate, you’ve ended up on the page of my blog where I list all the antiques which I’ve got for sale!

Anyway, while you’re here, have a look around! Everything here is for sale! Just keep in mind a few details… 

1). All listed prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS

2). All payments should be made through PayPal.

3). All sales are FINAL, so please choose carefully.

4). If you have any questions, please email me on the address provided.

5). Feel free to make reasonable offers. If I have something listed for $250 and you offer me $65, don’t be surprised if I say no!

6). All prices are plus postage. This means that the final cost incurred with each purchase is the price of the item, plus the price of postage (determined by distance and weight of the package).

Questions & Answers and Payment

If you want to purchase any of the items shown here, if you have any questions about the items on sale, or if you wish to make an offer on any of the item listed here, please email me at:

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and consider any reasonable offers. We’ll also be able to finalise details for payments to be made through PayPal.


All items listed beyond this point are for sale! Feel free to browse. Use the email address listed above to send me any questions you might have, or to make an offer to buy something. Thank you!


N.B: All items of silverware sold here are solid silver, unless stated otherwise. They will be marked STERLING SILVER (or other recognised abbreviations), 800, 925 (or other recognised silver marks), or will possess traditional European-style hallmarks.

Unless it is absolutely impossible to photograph the hallmarks, photographs of marks will be included with each listing.


ITEM: Snuffbox
MATERIAL: Continental Silver. 800.
COUNTRY: Germany. Crown & Crescent hallmark for Imperial Germany.
DATE: Ca. 1900.
DIMENSIONS: 6.8 x 1.25 x 4.0 centimeters.
PRICE: $450AUD + Post, or Best Offer.


Beautiful continental silver snuffbox with repousse sides and lid. Rectangular shape with gilt interior. No damage and hinge is in good condition. Marks on the underside are the Crown and Crescent, for Imperial Germany, and ‘800’ for 80% silver (continental standard).

There are no dents, cracks, chips or other imperfections. Would be excellent for any collection of silver boxes, snuffboxes, silverware, etc.


ITEM: Ribbed Sterling Silver Bowl
MATERIAL: Sterling Silver 925.
COUNTRY: Sheffield, England.
DATE: 1884.
DIMENSIONS: 10cm across, at the rim. 5.2cm high including base. 5.1cm across, at the base.
PRICE: $250AUD + Post or Best Offer.


A beautiful, round, sterling silver bowl with ribbed repousse surface. No cracks, dents, dings or other damage. Hallmarks are clear and crisp, for Sheffield, sterling silver, 1884, and the duty mark of Queen Victoria.

Would be great for serving sugar, chocolate bonbons, etc, or acting as a catch-bowl for all your pocket-litter at the front door, like keys, loose-change, pocketknives, etc.


ITEM: Weighted sterling silver candlesticks
MATERIAL: Sterling Silver 925.
COUNTRY: Birmingham, England.
DATE: 1960
DIMENSIONS: 6.5cm high. 4.5cm across the top. 7.25cm across the bottom.
PRICE: $350AUD + Post or Best Offer.


A beautiful pair of weighted, sterling silver tabletop candlesticks. Would look great on a sideboard, mantlepiece or small dining-table. Both are in excellent, presentation condition and sit on flat surface without wobbling.

They both have smooth, cork bases, and full hallmarks struck to the bottom edges, and partial marks inside each candle-cup.


All items sold here will be solid brass, bronze or copperware.


ITEM: Victorian-era Copper Carriage-Warmer
MATERIAL: Copper, rubber (seal).
COUNTRY: Unknown. Probably England.
DATE: Ca. 1870-1900.
DIMENSIONS: 27cm long x 14cm wide x 10cm high.
PRICE: $185AUD + Post, or Best Offer.


Large, solid copper carriage-warmer. Holds 3L+ of water and will stay hot for several hours under ideal conditions. This would’ve been filled with boiling water and wrapped in a cloth or put in a drawstring pouch. It would then have rested on the floor of a horse-drawn carriage and would’ve been used to keep passengers’ feet warm (hence the minor dents in the top).

In great, working condition. No cracks, leaks or holes. The old rubber seal has been replaced with a fresh one, and provided it’s wrapped up before being filled with hot water, it is perfectly safe to use. It will stay hot for several, several hours, and works great as a bedtime hot-water bottle.



Antique optical equipment such as magnifying glasses, binoculars, telescopes and opera-glasses will be sold here. Each piece will have been carefully cleaned, restored and repaired prior to listing, and will be in working condition.


ITEM: Victorian-era pocket spyglass.
MATERIAL: Glass, Brass, Leather.
COUNTRY: Unknown.
DATE: Unknown. Likely anywhere between 1870-1910.
DIMENSIONS: 15cm (closed), and 40cm (open).
PRICE: $275AUD + Post, or Best Offer.


Fully-functional and carefully restored Victorian-era pocket spyglass or telescope. Solid brass construction with original lenses and fresh leather covering (original leather covering was non-existent).

Features six lenses in sequence. Eyepiece-cartridge (2 lenses), erector cartridge (two lenses) and objective cartridge (2 lenses).

This three-draw pocket telescope is in perfect working condition and is capable of clear sight for several hundred meters, with an excellent field of view and sharp focusing.

Draw-tubes slide in and out with smooth, flawless action, and the eyepiece shutter slides open and shut with ease. Would make a great gift, or addition to a collection. Can be used for display purposes, or for active use.

It comes exactly as shown in photographs. No objective lens-cap is included (like the original leather covering, it was nowhere to be found when purchased). This telescope has been fully disassembled, cleaned, serviced and reassembled and is in ready-to-use condition.



All items sold here are antique or vintage items which don’t fit into any of the other categories.


ITEM: ONE PAIR of Victorian-era carbon-steel roast skewers.
MATERIAL: Carbon Steel
COUNTRY: Unknown
DATE: Unknown
DIMENSIONS: 8.5in. long, as shown in photograph.
PRICE: $75AUD + Post, or Best Offer.


What we’ve got here is a pair of steel roast-skewers. These would’ve been driven through a roasted joint and hammered into the wooden carving-board in the kitchen using a mallet or hammer, before the entire thing was taken out to the dining room to be served. The skewers held the roast in place, to stop it rolling around while it was being carved. It also helped it to keep its shape and improve presentation.